Since a long time ago, the delay in the filming of hari Hara Veera Mallu has caused producer AR Ratnam financial difficulties. It has also caused fans to worry about whether the movie would actually be released in theatres next year as scheduled. But as of late, we have learned that Powerstar pawan kalyan has joined the shoot and given the movie hope for a summer 2023 release.

Today, the producers released a statement explaining that creating a large-scale movie always takes time and a lot of work, and that they are currently cancelling a significant action scene starring pawan kalyan and 900 other performers. This specific programme is concentrated on carving out some significant moments with pawan kalyan at a special set that has been created in RFC. According to our sources, this scenario will start just before the intermission and it will also have breathtaking visual effects.

But the question is now if this movie will be a possibility for the summer of next year if pawan kalyan is unable to fully provide his dates. According to reports, Pawan is preparing for a couple of political tours very soon, and the shoot in which he is a key player hasn't even finished wrapping up yet. The 'gummadikaya' ceremony update is what fans are actually waiting for, so this update is exciting.

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