Hunt is the working title of Sudheer Babu's upcoming proper action thriller. The movie, in which he portrays a cop, is going to be seen in theatres. According to recent reports, Hunt and sudheer babu have a hollywood flair. A few renowned hollywood action choreographers contributed to the movie. Renaud Favero and Brian Wiziar, who have previously worked on several Marvel movies and are also associated with the upcoming john Wick 4 movie, are the action choreographers.

In Hunt, Renaud and Brian have written a few action scenes that are expected to be the movie's standout moments. The makers are reportedly happy with the result. Sudheer is a dedicated performer, and with the assistance of hollywood action stars, he ought to have given the movie his all. Mahesh directed and v Ananda prasad produced Hunt under the bhavya Creations label. Soon, the release date will be made public.

Renaud Favero and Brian Wiziar, who have previously collaborated on numerous hollywood action movies, including the Marvel series, are now connected to "Hunt." They are putting together some action blocks. producer prasad remarked of Renaud and Brian: "They are two of the best action choreographers. They also contributed to the next "John Wick 4" film. One of the key attractions of our movie will be the action choreography they provide. After the shooting was over, post-production work began.

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