Adipurush stars kriti sanon and National Star prabhas in the major parts. Retakes are now being made for the movie, and post-production work is ongoing. The bollywood media has been speculating that the couple is engaged since they joined the project. There has been a lot of chatter on social media regarding this, so here is an intriguing story.

Prabhas reportedly asked kriti sanon to marry him, according to rumours in the bollywood media. prabhas is said to have knelt before Kriti and asked for her hand in marriage. According to reports, kriti sanon accepted the proposal, and the couple intends to elope as soon as possible.

Every time Prabhas' movie releases, there is a story about his wedding that has been in the press since he began working on Mirchi. He had previously been connected to anushka shetty, but the two had always refuted the rumours. Many people are discussing Prabhas' marriage now that varun dhawan indirectly suggested that kriti sanon is engaged and that her heart belongs to someone who is currently shooting with deepika Padukone. Kriti recently stated in an interview that she would like to wed Prabhas. Fans in the South are simply waiting for the official word straight from the source amidst all of this.

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