naveen Polishetty, a young and gifted hero, is skilled in comedy. Jathi Ratnalu was a showcase for his talent. In his upcoming movie, he plays a standup comic. The character introduction poster has been removed by uv creations, the production company behind Naveen's upcoming movie. On the poster, naveen is introduced as the stand-up entertainer Sidhu Polishetty.

It should be entertaining to see Naveen, who already has excellent comic timing, in his upcoming role as a standup comedian. Mahesh is the director of the untitled movie, which stars anushka shetty in the major role. In the upcoming days, we'll reveal more information and announce the release date. Earlier, pooja hegde did a similar stand up comedian role in Most Eligible Bachelor and she got appreciation for that role as well.

Naveen looked fantastic in this poster, which introduces him as stand-up artist Sidhu. He was always smiling and had a stylish appearance. anvitha Ravi Shetty, who plays the lead actress in this film, is previously introduced as anushka Shetty. She plays a chef in this film. anushka will star in her 48th picture and naveen will appear in his third. It is created by uv creations and brought to the screen by mahesh babu P. There are still more information to be revealed about this film.

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