The Roads and Buildings Department officials were instructed by chief minister Y S jagan Mohan reddy to treat each assembly constituency as a unit, expedite the construction of all crucial roads while ensuring the highest standards, and simultaneously begin repairs of the existing roads using cutting-edge technology. The chief minister made it clear that there should be no compromising on the quality of road construction to ensure they would not get damaged for seven years after completion during the Department review meeting on monday at his camp office.

He recommended that roads be maintained so that they wouldn't need to be fixed for at least two years. He instructed them to proceed after learning that Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) technology should be used to build roads in areas like Guntur, Krishna, East, and west godavari due to the nature of the soil and the fact that road sinking has become a common occurrence in these areas as a result of the movement of heavy vehicles.

He recommended using FDR technology to build roads up to a length of 1000 km in the first phase, with completion slated for june or July. He told the officials to prioritise building the approach road to the Kadapa-Bangalore Railway Line and the Visakhapatnam-Bhogapuram road, saying it should be done before any bridges whose development had been suspended for a variety of reasons. The APCM MS mobile App, which enables a quick-response method to answer concerns from residents and local people's representatives on damaged roads in rural and urban regions, was also released by the chief minister during the review meeting.

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