The Taliban have stated that they are united and that there is no factionalism among them. The Taliban, who have been fighting US and NATO soldiers for the past 20 years, has finally taken control of Afghanistan. The Taliban seized control of afghanistan as US and NATO forces began to evacuate. When Kabul fell under full Taliban control on august 15, President Ashraf Ghani departed the country.

His departure has been the subject of several reports. Ashraf Gani's family had taken safety in the United Arab Emirates, it was ultimately established. As a result, on august 15, afghanistan was fully under Taliban control. After that, the Taliban formed an interim government with more than 70 members. At this moment, the Taliban shifted their focus to combating with anti-Taliban factions in the Panchsheer province. Taliban leaders are said to have quarreled about the Panchsheer incident.

Anas Haqqani and the bharatiya janata party got into a gunfight. Mulla Abdul Gani Bardar was also shot during this fight. He was said to be receiving treatment for injuries in a Pakistani hospital. However, in an audio message, Bharathar explicitly rejected this information. However, political analysts believe that without a reliable leader like Mullah Omar, uniting the Taliban would be extremely difficult in the current situation.

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