A group of kerala parents of class 11 kids has petitioned the supreme court for the test to be cancelled. Advocate prashant Padmanabhan argued that because plus two classes had already begun in the state, why would the government wish to hold the plus one test as well, because the results would be used to determine admission to UG courses.

According to the supreme court, the Plus One test can be performed offline in accordance with Covid guidelines. The plea to have the examination cancelled was denied. The supreme court ruled that the government's explanation was sufficient.

In the case of Covid, the supreme court dismissed a plea asking for the annulment of Kerala's Plus One exam. The test, which was set to begin on the sixth day, was postponed by the supreme Court. Despite the situation due to the Covid-19 spread, they had strongly criticised the government's decision to hold the exam offline. The government, on the other hand, insisted on an offline exam. This was stated in an affidavit by the government.

Thousands of pupils who do not have access to the Internet or computers, according to the administration, will be excused from taking the online exam. Kovid continued to be aggressive, according to the authorities and passed the NEET test. A bench led by Justice AM Khanwilker heard the government's argument and reached a final judgement.

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