Prime minister Narendra Modi stated last week that everything required for the defence force would be manufactured in india as part of the Make in india initiative. india will also export defence equipment, according to the statement. Following this, a significant defence deal was signed on Friday. It is worth more than Rs 22,000 crore.

With Tatas and Airbus, world-renowned indian businessmen will collaborate to develop aeroplanes. The Department of Defense uses these military aircraft to carry supplies. After the central government agreed to allow private investment in the war sector, it was a major event. The aircraft are expected to be built in hyderabad and Bangalore, according to industry insiders. The state governments of Uttar Pradesh and Gujarat, on the other hand, seek to establish manufacturing plants there. This is the first time that a significant amount of money has been invested in the manufacturing of military aircraft in India's private sector.

Apart from the above the AUKUS agreement between australia, the United Kingdom, and the united states will influence the Middle east and South Asia. iran will use the agreement to pursue its nuclear objectives, which is a result of the developing bipolar struggle between the US and China. iran would most likely claim that if australia can have additional nuclear materials, so can Iran. Following that, a new nuclear arms race is expected to begin.

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