It's not very often that you hear such a bizarre vengeance story. Since september 16, 2021, a monkey in the Kottigehara area of Karnataka's Chikkamagalur region has been a horrific villain in jagadish B B's life. A juvenile male Bonnet Macaque monkey, estimated to be around 5 years old, was grabbing fruits and snack packets from passers-by in Kottigehara. people weren't very concerned because that is the character of all monkeys, and they were only careful when they noticed him.

This monkey was seen circling about morarji desai School in the neighborhood after schools resumed, and children were terrified of him. The forest department was alerted, and a squad was dispatched to capture the naughty monkey. Nonetheless, trapping this monkey was no easy task. The forest department personnel enlisted the support of surrounding auto drivers and other passers-by to chase the monkey in a certain direction so that they might capture him. Meanwhile, car driver jagadish, who had accompanied the forest department crew, taunted the monkey into going in the wrong direction. He was instantly accosted by the frightened monkey who hopped towards him. It snatched his hand and ripped him off.

Jagadish bolted from the scene, looking surprised and terrified. Wherever he went, the monkey followed him. He hid inside his auto-rickshaw, which was attacked and the covering blankets tore down. For a long period, this went on. The monkey was finally caught following a three-hour effort involving more than 30 people. Officials from the forest department took it to Balur woodland, about 22 kilometers away, and released it there.

However, the story does not end there as the residents of Kottigehara were happy to learn that the monkey had vanished and that they could return to their normal routine. And the monkey will be back in less than a week! Yes, the monkey had successfully gotten onto a truck passing through a road near the Balur forest and arrived safely in Kottigehara. The monkey was captured for the second time on september 22nd by a forest authority crew. They've released him in a more remote wooded location this time. jagadish is praying the monkey doesn't show up again.

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