Even though there is still a weekend till the month's end, india achieved new milestones in september by immunizing its populace against Covid-19 with 18.65 crore doses of vaccinations. In August, india gave out 18.29 crore doses, a new high that was surpassed in September. Vaccination rates were higher in september than in prior months. According to CNN-News18 analysis of government statistics, the average daily immunization rate in september was 82.38 lakh, 4 times more than in May. From May 2nd, the government permitted all people above the age of 19 to be vaccinated.

The monthly average daily doses have grown from 19.85 lakh in May to 39.91 lakh in june and 43.52 lakh in July. In August, 59.44 lakh people were vaccinated on an average day. india vaccinated 6.21 crore people in May. According to figures from the Ministry of Health, this number was 11.87 crore in june and 13.58 crore in July.

In the first 24 days of september, india dispensed more than a quarter of the total dosages. India's Covid-19 immunization coverage reached 85,18,33,250 by 8 a.m. on Friday, surpassing the 84 crore mark. 66.17 lakh vaccination doses were provided in the last 24 hours. On january 18, india initiated a vaccination campaign against the new coronavirus. The average daily immunization rate was 33.81 lakh until Thursday, the 252nd day of the program.

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