West bengal chief minister mamata banerjee has been denied permission to attend the World Peace Conference in italy in october this year, according to the Union Ministry of External Affairs. The permission was rejected due to a "political aspect" and because the "event is not comparable in stature for participation by a state's chief minister." German Chancellor angela Merkel, Pope Francis, and Italian prime minister Mario Draghi will all be in attendance. mother teresa will be the focal point of the celebration.

 The Italian government has already urged that mamata banerjee not bring any delegations. mamata banerjee, the West bengal chief minister, then recommended industrial delegation permission and requested it from the Ministry of External Affairs. The approval, however, was not provided.

But it is well known on the disagreements between the TMC and bjp especially between PM Modi and cm Mamata. They never leave any opportunity to criticize each other. The TMC spokesperson Debangshu Bhattacharya Dev resorted to twitter to voice his displeasure with mamata Banerjee's rejection of permission. He questioned why the trip to Moji Ji was cancelled, especially when they had previously rejected authorization for a trip to China.

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