CM MK stalin said, "On october 13, 2021, a consultation meeting was convened at the General secretariat under my chairmanship to discuss the efforts to be taken to monitor and limit the spread of corona infection during the upcoming festive season, as well as the epidemic situation in neighbouring states. On this basis, I urge all members of the public to wear masks in public places during the upcoming festive season to avoid crowds, to strictly adhere to personal intervals, and to attend vaccination camps run by the district administration, the Metropolitan Corporation of Chennai, the medical department, and local bodies to be vaccinated."

Due to the public's need for basic items throughout the festive season, all types of shops, restaurants, and hotels that have been permitted to open as of today are permitted to remain open until 11 p.m. Furthermore, all places of worship, including Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, are open to the public on all days.

In addition, beginning november 1, 2021, the following activities are permitted.

• Participate in the district administration's monthly public relations camps.

• Privately run exhibitions may adhere to acceptable corona prevention requirements.

• Kindergartens, nursery schools, and anganwadi schools can all operate at full capacity. Vaccination is required for all employees, including the caretaker and cook.

• On Sundays, the public is permitted to visit the beach.

• Permission for 100 people to attend weddings and wedding-related events.

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