The card that the chennai Super Kings will keep in the 2022 IPL t20 auction will be utilised for the first time for dhoni, according to a top CSK official. CSK skipper dhoni recently remarked, "At the 75th anniversary festivities of india Cements, "I'll be playing for the chennai Super Kings once more. Fans should be able to see my most recent match. That's how I'd like to say my goodbyes."

"You can see me in yellow next season," dhoni remarked in an interview over the following few days. But I'm not sure if he'll play for the CSK. There is a lot of uncertainty in the air with two new teams joining the league next season. We have no idea what kind of retention policy will be implemented. I'm not sure how many foreign players and domestic players will be kept. There is a great deal of ambiguity.

Dhoni remarked in an interview after the CSK squad won the title, "My choice to return to the CSK team is based on the BCCI's decision. Whatever decision we make will be in the team's best interests. "We have to prepare the players correctly since there are two more teams coming up next season than this system," he stated. According to a senior CSK team official, "In the IPL auction, we'll use the retention card for dhoni first. This is the real deal. But I'm not sure how many guys we'll keep. dhoni will be the first player we will keep. First and foremost, the ship requires a commander. "Then it'll be the turn of the other players."

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