Former minister CV Shanmugam said that AIADMK volunteers who answered the call of real leaders like SD Somasundaram and author Nedunchezhiyan would not be disillusioned by the shadow leaders. Today, across tamil Nadu, AIADMK Golden Jubilee celebrations were organised. Accordingly, former Law minister CV Shanmugam, AIADMK members Chakrabarty and Arsunan attended an event hosted at the AIADMK headquarters in Villupuram district and provided welfare assistance to students with disabilities and party executives.

Speaking at the event, CV Shanmugam said, "Real leaders, such as Novelist Nedunchezhiyan, Panruti Ramachandran, and SD Somasundaram, who were AIADMK second-phase leaders, formed their own party and attempted but failed to disrupt the AIADMK. Real leaders are unable to do what shadow leaders are unable to do. To put an end to this movement, we've defeated as many adversaries as we can. Let us now easily vanquish the traitors.

Volunteers made the giant superhero ADMK Party. It is still staffed entirely by volunteers of ADMK alone. Winning or losing an election is a common occurrence. The failure currently is not as bad as it was in 1996. The AIADMK is set to reclaim the throne. The AIADMK movement will not be rocked by a thousand Sasikalas. Volunteers will not be tricked into believing he is trustworthy."

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