Denis Villeneuve's most magnificent visual extravaganza to date. The plodding pace detracts from an otherwise excellent storey, but it is still worth watching. Dune is a movie rendition of Frank Herbert's science fiction story about an aristocratic family's son who is charged with the safeguarding of the galaxy's most valuable resource and most crucial element. It only covers half of it and takes 140 minutes to complete, making it often tedious and complicated for mass fans. The magnificent images, which show us an unthinkable future world, compensate for the same losses.

Set largely in the desert, the film has practically every property in the sci-fi genre looking brand new, and the graphics' imaginative imagination deserves respect for thinking outside the box. Not only that, but the cinematic experience is fantastic as well. Take a look at how the background music transforms a mundane sight into something exciting practically every time. Because Dune has such a large ensemble, it would be dishonest to single out just a few names, but everyone tries their best with the characters they play. If that isn't enough, look out for every character's outfit design, as well as amazing VFX work and unique action sequences.

Because the film isn't a superhero movie, the combat is less and less hard-core in that sense. Nonetheless, the ideation about the outcomes of the action scenes draws your interest. Rather than thinking about what is happening, one should consider what might happen. You know, that's a lot of fun. However, I won't dispute that the first half of Dune is incredibly slow, with no good conclusions concerning the plot's backdrop. Thankfully, the second half is much better, and even if we don't get a full stop at the finish, it leaves us looking forward to the next instalment.

Overall, another Villeneuve film worth seeing, but just don't exaggerate it as if it's too good and there is nothing we have never seen before.


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