Prime minister Narendra Modi is set to visit Pope Francis, the head of the Catholic Church, at the Vatican next friday before heading to Rome for the two-day G20 conference. While the administration has been tight-lipped about PM Modi's trip plans, it is believed that he would depart india a day early on october 28 night to pay a courtesy call on the 84-year-old ruler of Vatican City State. PM Modi is expected to attend the G-20 meeting on october 30-31 before heading to Glasgow, Scotland, for the COP26 conference, where he will strategize on how to address the difficulties posed by climate change.

PM Modi is also likely to attend crucial events on the sidelines of the climate change conference alongside UK prime minister Boris Johnson, according to reports.
PM Johnson's appeal to PM Modi to remain beyond his statement at COP26 on november 1 is likely to be conveyed by UK Foreign Secretary Elizabeth Truss, who is now in India.
Apart from the aggressive Chinese efforts towards taiwan in the Indo-Pacific, the G-20 conference will focus on stabilising Taliban-ruled Afghanistan.
While prime minister Modi has been meeting with concerned top ministry officials ahead of COP26, india is anticipated to lobby for climate funding, carbon trading systems, and compensation for developing countries such as india, which is also affected by climate change.

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