The police detained the attack's planner just hours after thousands of army recruitment candidates started acting violently in the secunderabad railway station. The authorities identified him as Avula Subba Rao, who has been operating Sai Defence Academy in narasaraopet and teaching hundreds of people seeking positions in the military. At the home of his family in Khammam, he was detained.

When the police confiscated the youth's cell phones following the violence on friday in secunderabad, they discovered that they had all gathered in accordance with a plot concocted by Subba Rao, who had reportedly instigated them out of concern for his business. He had given the protesters food, buttermilk, and water bottles along with the owners of a few other army training facilities in Hyderabad. According to the authorities, the candidates came from as many as ten different private army training facilities.

According to the authorities, these private institute heads encouraged applicants for army jobs to use violence at the secunderabad train station. police are investigating them after receiving messages from a group called the Hakimpet army Soldiers, which was allegedly founded by the proprietor of the coaching centre, inviting them to gather. According to the police, the pupils gathered at the secunderabad train station after the proprietor of the coaching centre called for a protest on Friday.

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