Pusapati ashok Gajapathi Raju, a former minister in the Union, fears that the jagan Mohan reddy administration is plotting to remove him once more from his position as chairman of the simhachalam temple trust board. He claimed that the jagan administration is ready to fire him if he gives in to pressure from the trust board members to regularise encroachments in the "pancha gramalu" (five villages) of the simhachalam temple.

The members of the trust board, who were chosen by the state government, according to Ashok, were violating the laws of that state government, which has the final say about the disputed property. They are taking opposing positions in an effort to make me the victim. I will be relieved of my chairman duties as soon as I sign the document following the trust board's advice. Vellampalli Srinivas, the state's endowments minister, has already threatened to have me fired, according to the seasoned tdp leader.

If the trust board members are very interested, ashok said, they should give the proposal in writing, and he would send it to the legal experts for their view. He said that he won't make a judgement that is contrary to government regulations. He added, "I cannot just accept the board resolutions mindlessly. For the past 25 years, there has been a heated debate about "Pancha Gramalu" lands. A GO on the regularisation of the lands had been given by the previous tdp administration, but it was entangled in a legal dispute. A high-powered committee led by the Endowments minister was established by the YSRC administration after it took office to address the problem.

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