The tdp appears to have lost hope that it will prevail in the upcoming general elections. The party is alarmed by the survey results. Despite the tdp and its allies' attempts to portray there as widespread anti-incumbency in the state, surveys show the exact opposite. Even though the tdp leaders are keeping quiet about these surveys and feigning confidence in their pronouncements, their actions say loudly about their upcoming anxieties.

In order to demonstrate their strength with a victory, they might have urged candidates like raghu Rama krishnam raju to resign from the party and run from the same constituency within six months if the ground reports had been favourable. The party workers and cadre receive a big boost to campaign for the upcoming elections if one of these cases maintains the TDP's good reputation.

In fact, these results also have an impact on the undecided voters, who may then decide to support the tdp in light of the shifting political landscape in Andhra Pradesh. But none of the tdp members are making that attempt since they are well aware that they will utterly fail. On the other hand, the bjp in telangana is generating excitement for the party by pressuring candidates like Eetela Rajender to leave the trs in order to run for office and succeed. It is unfortunate that tdp lacks such bravery and plan.

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