Uyyalawada The first large-scale uprising against the british in andhra pradesh was led by narasimha Reddy, who is revered as a hero of the 19th century. He led a popular rebellion against the british in 1846 as a descendant of a dispossessed Polygar family, a once-powerful feudal class of chieftains who handled local administration. He assembled a force of 5,000 peasants in Koilkuntla Taluk, which is today in Andhra Pradesh's Nandyal district, and was brutally murdered there. Before 1877, his skeleton had been stored for several years hanging in a cage.

The uprising served as a source of inspiration for later battles for India's independence, though. A 2019 telugu biopic titled "Sye Raa narasimha Reddy" depicted the life of an early liberation warrior. The movie depicted the 19th-century hero with a heavy dose of nationalism thanks to superstar Chiranjeevi's portrayal of narasimha Reddy. The narasimha Reddy-led uprising, according to historians, was not nationalist in nature. They claim that after the british sought to take away the privileges granted to the Polygars and also tried to buy their properties, Reddy, as the chieftain of Koilkuntala, challenged them.

Majjera narasimha Reddy, often known as narasimha Reddy, was a descendant of an excommunicated Polygar from Uyyalawada in the Koilkuntla Taluk. He was the youngest of three brothers who were linked to the Polygar of Uyyalawada through their father. According to K. Venugopal Reddy, a history professor at the university of Pondicherry, the Koilkuntla uprising was primarily directed against colonial tyranny and other forms of dominance in his article "Dominance and Resistance: A Study of narasimha Reddy's Revolt in Andhra Pradesh."

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