Bollywood is currently threatened with a boycott. people are trending boycott hashtags for the films of performers who made anti-national comments or if they are the products of nepotism. aamir khan was most recently the target of this boycott wave. A few people started the hashtag #BoycottLaalSinghChaddha on social media long before the debut of his movie Laal Singh Chaddha. The outcome was that the movie had one of the worst opening weekends at the box office in recent memory for Aamir.

Even word of mouth is not very good, and the movie was a financial failure. The Boycott group has now singled out Hrithik Roshan. In general, Hrithik is a hero who is not controversial, therefore there is no justification for not seeing his movies. However, he recently watched Laal Singh Chaddha and posted positive reviews about it online. He also asked that everyone view the movie.

His petition was rejected by the Laal Singh Chaddha fanatics, who then decided to forego seeing Hrithik's future movie, vikram Vedha. #BoycottVikramVedha therefore became popular on social media. saif ali khan plays the other lead part in vikram Vedha, which was directed by Pushkar Gayatri. The date set for its debut is september 30, 2022.

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