The movie's direction by Sajimon prabhakar is excellent; it's his first film, and he made sure to carry the drama's soul without damaging it. He got the best performance from Fahad as well as the rest of the cast and crew. Aside from a few repetitive scenes that could have been avoided and slightly slowed down the movie, Sajimon handled almost everything correctly.

After an hour, the film enters the survival zone, and for the next 40 to 45 minutes, one anticipates an exciting survival drama. But Mahesh Narayanan has other ideas, and he puts them in an emotional context to make that part also a continuation of the "drama" that had been going on up until that point with more melodramatic feelings. This starts to try our patience, and it loses the emotional momentum there because we're not all that emotionally invested in Anil's survival, but with a satisfying climax, Mahesh Narayanan returns and saves the day, saving Anil

That sequence had such a visual depth of emotion that it was like watching a baby crawl out of his mother's womb and glimpse the light. What faults can be found in A.R. Rahman's music when he is the composer? Legendary musician provides wonderful music that occasionally brings life to the film. Mahesh Narayanan's cinematography is also excellent; whether capturing the scenic wonders of nature or the claustrophobic atmosphere in the survival sequences, he did so with great skill. arjun Benn's editing is flawless.

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