Few actresses have the ability to draw crowds to theatres simply by being there. sai pallavi is one of the few female leads who is so well-known that audiences go to the movies just to see her. She is sometimes referred to as the telugu film industry's Lady Power Star. sai pallavi is renowned for both her breathtaking dancing abilities and her outstanding acting performances. Pallavi captivated us with her dance in every telugu movie, from her debut fidaa to the most recent shyam Singha Roy.

But every performance she gives comes with a lot of suffering and effort. sai pallavi revealed in a recent interview that she had experienced significant discomfort during the picturization of many songs due to her periods. Pallavi claimed that after dancing during her periods, she used to feel physically exhausted. During the shoot, she had to endure the pain for a few days while also taking a break. While she slept, Pallavi's father used to rub her feet. She describes it as a stressful situation.

Pallavi clarified that she had to pull off numerous songs during her career, starting with the classical song in shyam Singha Roy, all while going through menstrual cycles. This demonstrates Sai Pallavi's commitment. sai pallavi has lately appeared in movies like virata parvam and Gargi. Both films received high praise from critics, but they were commercial flops. She received appreciation for her work.

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