With the recent release of Brahmastra, king nagarjuna makes his return to bollywood after a lengthy absence. Nag was essential to the story of this film. For his small but significant appearance, he also won praise from both critics and the general public. Along with the main actors and crew of the movie, nagarjuna extensively marketed Brahmastra. Ayan Mukherjee directed and karan johar produced the film Brahmastra. Nag has been seen on a few occasions recently at karan Johar's dharma productions headquarters in Mumbai.

Actors typically don't go to the production company's office after the movie has been released. Therefore, it is assumed that Nag is going to Dharma's office for another reason. According to rumours, Nag wants to introduce his son akhil akkineni to the bollywood industry. Perhaps he has plans to introduce him under a significant banner like Dharma. According to the insiders, this is the cause of his frequent trips to dharma and conversations with karan Johar.

Akhil is currently preoccupied with the production of his upcoming movie, Agent. It will be released across all of India. According to some sources, Nag is asking karan for assistance in order to expand the release of Agent in North India. All of these are currently just rumours, so we'll have to wait and see if we hear anything official in the days to come.

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