Pawan must therefore rely on obtaining money from a variety of sources, including merchants, entrepreneurs, and even indians who are not residents of india but are living overseas. Sources claim that the Jana Sena leader recently travelled to the US to raise money. According to reports, he is currently in texas attending private meetings with NRIs to raise money for the party funding.

His visit and the encounters with the nri organisations were kept entirely private. Who has attended his meetings and how much money he has so far raised are not immediately known. Although Pawan receives some financial backing from his Kapu group, it is not as powerful as that of jagan and Naidu. He must therefore rely on both of their groups. For obvious reasons, he may not receive support from the reddy community, but he may receive a lot of it from Kammas.

But if the power star forms an alliance with the TDP, he stands a better chance of raising more money for the elections. Even NRIs from the kamma community may contribute to Pawan's candidates. Everything depends on how the coalition functions and how many seats Jana Sena is willing to concede in exchange for joining the alliance.

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