Roads and other infrastructure are what's left. The National Highways were enlarged and constructed to worldwide standards thanks to a decision made by the central government in the past. Eventually, the airports underwent a significant improvement. The modernization of the railways is currently the current Central Government's main priority. Every standard in india strives to be on par with that of any developed country.

If the forecast comes true, the central government's next move would be to take control of all state highways and develop them at their own expense, reducing the money allocated to the states through the GST and other revenue collections. If not for this, the task would be completed using a PPP (public-private partnership) model, but entirely under the control of the central government. Almost all state governments would welcome this as it wouldn't take up any of their resources or time.

There would be no longer be any basis for the public to criticise the government with regard to welfare and development if the internal and state roads were likewise fixed and maintained properly. Regardless of the government, freebies still exist. Infrastructure and roads will be automatically maintained. No government would dare lower taxes because it takes a lot of fuel to run such a large country.

The "sentiment" is the only game left to play after that. india will only see the election in terms of "sentiment," not anything else, just like the "reds" and "blues" in the USA. india will have religious and secular feelings, just like Democrats and Republics do in the USA. people frequently vote only based on "sentiment" rather than welfare and advancement.

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