Recently, prabhas lost his beloved uncle (Pedda Nanna), Krishnam Raju. He behaved like a responsible son by remaining at home for 11 days and carrying out the traditions. He had to finish filming "Salaar" because the producer and his crew built sizable sets in hyderabad to shoot crucial scenes. The studios must be paid rent for the multiple sets.

After Dasa Dina Karma was finished, prabhas went back to the project knowing the costs involved. He resumed filming "Salaar" in hyderabad on Wednesday. He won't waste any more time and will finish the existing task list. The campaign for "Adipurush" will also require Prabhas' participation the next month. The first week of october will see the release of the movie's teaser.

Prabhas is going through a difficult moment in his life because his uncle, the renowned actor Krishnam Raju, recently died away. Due to the death of his uncle, the lead hero missed a week of Salaar filming and instead stayed at home. Due to this circumstance, Salaar's producers decided to postpone the month-end shoot. According to the news, prabhas joined the Salaar filming today and also filmed a few sequences with other important actors.

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