Prime minister Narendra Modi's "public rebuke" of Russian President Vladimir Putin earlier this week, which reflected India's "abrupt and unexpected change" in position on the Russian invasion of ukraine, was well received in official Washington DC. Ro Khanna, an indian American senator who has criticised india for failing to denounce the invasion, claimed that prime minister Modi "made it clear to Putin's face that the invasion is wrong." He continued, "A peaceful conclusion and a ceasefire" might also be helped by Modi, while speaking at a neighbourhood event on Wednesday.

The new indian stance was cited earlier that day in New York by a senior white house official as evidence of the Biden administration's strategy of simply laying out the facts on ukraine for other countries to view and evaluate for themselves rather than pressuring them to change their stance. The person claimed that "the US strategy has paid off insofar as you are seeing rising signs of countries that did abstain," to include countries like india speaking up in a new way, including in front of Putin. And, naturally, in the days to come, we'd like to see more than that.

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