According to inside sources, janasena Chief pawan kalyan is currently in the USA. According to other sources, he has been three for the past four to five days. He is in Texas, it was initially claimed, to raise money for his party. However, the janasena linked organisations and several influential members of the community where he is present do not have any formal information.

According to rumours, he will either return to hyderabad by this saturday or Sunday, or he may decide to stay for an additional four days. Nobody seems to understand why he stayed there for such a long time for personal reasons. Well, nobody is asking a question that involves getting personal. However, because of his fame, Pawan must answer these queries.

By now, his office would have denounced Pawan's journey to the united states if it had only been rumour. For unclear reasons, he kept his identity and whereabouts a secret. Now it has people scratching their heads. According to the most recent information we have received from our sources, pawan kalyan went for the USA last night and will remain there for the next ten days. If the story is to be believed, it is clear that Pawan won't be able to make it to the GodFather pre-release event on september 28. According to insider rumours, a large gathering is also planned for GodFather on october 2nd in mumbai because salman khan makes a significant cameo in the movie. On october 5th, a hindi version of this political drama will also be released with the telugu version.

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