At an event for Class 9 and 10 students here on Wednesday, senior IAS officer and MD of the bihar Women and Children Development Corporation Harjot Kaur Bamhrah sparked debate with her aggressive responses to questions from female students. At the "Sashakt Beti, Samriddh Bihar" event, which was organised by the Corporation and Unicef, a video featuring student questions and the officer's testy and annoyed responses went popular on social media.

In response to a student's remark that the government already provides school uniforms, scholarships, bicycles, and many other amenities to pupils, Bamhrah reacted angrily, adding that while people were applauding the question, there were unending demands being made. "You may now purchase sanitary pads from the government for between Rs 20 and Rs 30. You then request jeans, slacks, and stunning shoes "She spoke, but she didn't end there. "

Will the government provide you with condoms (Nirodh) for family planning? Why would I have a tendency to take what the government offers me for free? What purpose does it serve?" The student responded by saying that the government approaches them to solicit their votes. Bamhrah retorted fiercely , "The height of idiocy is this. Vote but don't visit Pakistan. You are casting a ballot to use government resources like money and facilities ". As an Indian, the student's response was, "Why would she go to Pakistan?"

"With taxpayer money, the government is financing the provision of facilities. Why wouldn't taxpayers desire the services if they are paying taxes to the government?" It was her. Another female student said that there were issues with the girls' restrooms at her school because the boys would enter the restrooms and bother the girls. Many in the audience were stunned and appalled at the tone of the senior IAS officer who demeaned the female students when Bamhrah asked if every kid in the room has separate restrooms at home.

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