The movie starring "RRR" star Jr. ntr and incredibly gifted director koratala siva should start screening in the middle of October, as we've already stated. Another rumour, however, is circulating that the script development is still in progress and that it may take some time before the filming can begin. Here is a noteworthy update.

Jr. ntr is alleged to have asked koratala to see the second half of the movie once more. There have been concerns about the finale in all of his past blockbusters, including srimanthudu and Bharat Anu Nenu, for being overly cinematic, cliched, and hurried. tarak is claimed to have recognised the same and ordered the filmmaker to rewrite the climax so they wouldn't be taking any chances.

It appears like koratala is under a lot of strain over the #NTR30 script because he failed to produce with "Acharya." It might take a while for the script to assume its ultimate form if he keeps editing it, but that's exactly what the excellent director needs right now to erase all the bad press he's accumulated since the release of megastar Chiru's Acharya, in which ram charan also starred.

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