At this point, pawan kalyan should at least open his eyes. The Janasainiks should be aware of how the tdp uses their party and leader for wrongdoings if he already understands what he is doing. When Chandrababu and lokesh can travel independently, Pawan and his supporters ought to have understood why he was sent all the way to vizag and Ippatam to act in political dramas. They utilise pawan kalyan as a handglove whenever they perceive a threat to their political reputation. The TDP's hand is safe, but the glove is scorched. It is well known that the residents of Ippatam village paid a steep fine after petitioning the high court to challenge the mangalagiri Municipality's alleged illegal demolition of their homes a few days prior.

The high court took a harsh stance against the petitioners on thursday in the matter of dwellings being demolished without warning. The government pleader had previously claimed that notices had been served prior to destruction and had supplied evidence, notwithstanding the villagers' earlier claims that they had not received any notices. 11 of the 14 petitioners were in the courtroom. The petitioners acknowledged receiving notices, but they claimed to be unaware of their contents and that their advocate had not been briefed further. The facts were suppressed, the judge retorted in a serious manner. The court was mislead by the petitioners, who obtained an interim Order that cannot be considered.

The judge also gave Advocate T Sai surya a warning, stating that the court cannot accept this kind of activity and that it is his responsibility to independently verify the facts. Later, each petitioner was fined Rs 1 lakh for misleading the court, and it was further ordered that the money be delivered to the Legal services Authority. The case was therefore concluded without the need to pursue contempt charges against the petitioners. A major spectacle was generated when Jana Sena leader pawan kalyan rode on top of his SUV from mangalagiri to the village to see those who had lost their homes. He claimed that the only reason the houses were demolished was because people showed up to his public meeting.

Additionally, the leader of Jana Sena promised to provide them each Rs 1 lakh in a few days. He encouraged the locals to seek a halt to additional demolitions, and they did so after complaining that the municipal officials had destroyed their homes without first notifying them in order to enlarge a road. Will pawan kalyan now give the petitioners this sum? He promised to donate Rs. 1 lakh to anybody whose property is being destroyed during development. These needy petitioners can pay their fine to the Legal services Authority if he gives that amount. pawan kalyan is blindly becoming the wolf's prey by foolishly trusting in the wolf dressed in sheepskin.

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