The Ministry of External Affairs said on thursday that it has not brought up the issue with the country but expects a country's visa system to be predictable and quick in response to requests. This comes amid reports that indian citizens seeking a tourist or business visa for the US may have to wait three years to obtain one.

The wait time for applicants in india is reportedly close to 1,000 days, and those seeking to travel to the united states on B1 (business) or B2 (tourism) visiting visas will have to wait for almost three years. MEA Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi responded when asked if the issue had been brought up with the US "When people wish to travel, the visa process should be straightforward. This is what we anticipate."

Because "we would not want someone commenting on our system," he claimed, it had not been officially discussed. "However, we would want a system that is quick, easy, and predictable. We have observed that the (US) embassy in this country has stated that measures are being taken to guarantee that little time is taken. We anticipate a shortening of the wait period "added Mr. Bagchi.

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