The tdp national president argued that chief minister jagan mohan reddy solely strives to make money and considers his share in every choice he makes. Only in andhra pradesh are prices for all goods, including gasoline and diesel, soaring, and the state also has the highest power rates and costs for basic necessities. The public responded quite well to the TDP's "Badudee Badudu" event, which was held to draw attention to the state's highest tax rate, chandrababu naidu observed.

"When the tdp was in power, we supported every industry, including agriculture and aquaculture, but currently there is no Minimum Support Price (MSP) paid for any agricultural products, let alone aqua products," he claimed. The former chief minister believed that various laws were merely passed to regulate aqua farmers. He said that the new laws were solely intended to rob the farmers and profit from it.

When the tdp regains power, chandrababu naidu vowed to provide electricity at a rate of Rs 1.50 per unit and to provide subsidies to the farming industry for the installation of solar energy systems. He stated, "I am pledging that quality seed and feed would be delivered to the farmers," and added that, if jagan is willing to give up his commission, he too can provide subsidies in the form of goods and power.

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