Why is ajith so stubborn..!? Secret came out..!?

This time pongal Vijay's Varisu and Ajith's Thunivu are releasing. cinema critics are saying that there will be many problems due to the release of 2 mass films. Before this, Rajini and Kamal films have also been released but the problem has not come to this extent. Now the situation is reversed. They are saying that ajith is the reason for this. ajith and Vijay's films have released on the same day before and even then there was not this much buzz. But for this pongal, they are making such a fuss. This is because both heroes are impatient.
At first, the theater owners were reluctant to do so as there would be some disparity in the collection rate due to the release of two films, but after hearing the news that there was no advance amount for these films, they also showed interest in it. Now ajith is adamant that the film should be released this pongal to compete with Vijay. There are many reasons for this. ajith has been insisting that the film should be released in order to save his star status and pongal means the mass opening.There is no doubt that the release of these two films will definitely affect the collections. There is no doubt that if one film attracts fans, another's film will lose.

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