The kashmir Files was referred to be "propaganda, filthy picture" by jury head and Israeli director Nadav Lapid at the 53rd edition of IFFI Goa's closing ceremony. One wonders how he could make such a statement when the movie shocked the entire nation of india and discussed the atrocities Kashmiri Pandits suffered at the hands of terrorists in the valley. The film, which was directed by vivek Agnihotri, enjoyed phenomenal box office success in india, despite the fact that liberals and members of the far left disagree with the film's message.

And now that this Israeli director has made such horrific remarks, Pallavi Joshi, the film's producer and a key actress as well as Vivek's wife, has taken these remarks seriously. He is a genocide denier, according to her. Her remark implies that it is likewise false and offensive if Nadav rejects the type of genocide committed against a particular group.

Pallavi Joshi, however, believed that they are content because of the overwhelming support they have received from indians for the film. The internet as a whole is already in favour of the movie and criticising the Israeli director for his immoral comments about it. He is frequently asked if the alleged horrors committed against Jews worldwide are likewise just propaganda because he is an Israeli.

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