So many crores for a song..? ram Charan's RC 15..!

Director shankar has spent a huge amount of money for just one song in ram charan starrer 'RC 15' and shot the song scenes in New Zealand. The great director Shankar, who has been directing films with leading heroes of tamil cinema, is now for the first time with rrr hero ram Charan. He is directing an as yet untitled film. It has been reported that Shankar, who is simultaneously directing two films 'Indian 2' and ram Charan's 'RC 15', has spent Rs 15 crore to shoot only one song of ram Charan.
The shooting of this song, which has been shot in new zealand, has been completed today, and some photos taken by the crew have also been released. ram charan, kiara advani, and director shankar celebrated the happiness of the song by cutting a cake. It is said that director shankar has captured the natural beauty of new zealand in a grand way with this song. In tamil films, Shankar, who is known as the director splashes the budget. If he has spent 15 crores on this one song, guess how much this song will be. And this information has taken the film industry by surprise. ram charan, who continues to choose only excellent films in the telugu film industry, has produced this film by dil Raju, a leading producer of the famous telugu film industry. Actress kiara advani has acted opposite ram Charan. It is also noteworthy that Jayaram, Srikanth, Anjali, and sunil played the lead roles.

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