Food business Operators (FBO) have received a warning from health minister C damodar raja narasimha that those who sell tainted and falsified goods will face severe consequences. He also threatened to take legal action against individuals who disobeyed other food safety regulations as well as the standards set by the FSSAI.
In a meeting presided over by the commissioner of food safety on tuesday at the Dr. BR Ambedkar telangana State Secretariat, delegates from several associations representing the hotel, restaurant, dairy, and food industries were told to uphold the standards of food production, distribution, storage, and preparation in their establishments.

Speaking to the FBOs, the minister stated that Hyderabad's state government was attempting to establish hyderabad as a "medical tourism hub" and the "food capital of India." He noted that for this to occur, hotel operators must operate in a socially conscious manner and serve their guests high-quality cuisine.
Additionally, the minister has directed the authorities to host workshops for the entire state once every six months to raise awareness and teach the different stakeholders. He promised that the FSSAI Act and its rules would be implemented by the food safety agency. The groups have promised to work with the government to make sure that the state's food supply is clean and hygienic. They have also committed to working together with the government to run seminars, training sessions, and awareness campaigns.

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