Chief Minister-designate of andhra pradesh N. chandrababu naidu has approved the delivery of kits to government schools featuring pictures of departing chief minister Y.S. jagan Mohan reddy printed on them, keeping his promise to refrain from engaging in retrogressive politics. In addition to uniforms, the previous administration used to provide kits that included books, a school bag, shoes, and additional stationery. These kits, called "Jagananna vidya Kanuka," were kept prepared for the upcoming school year, which is scheduled to start on Thursday.

If Naidu had chosen to go in the opposite direction and have his picture replaced on the kits, the state government would have suffered a loss of many hundred million rupees. Additionally, the TD supremo approved the publishing of entrance exam results without waiting for the formation of a new government or the appointment of the relevant minister. He is said to have added, "We shouldn't keep students and their parents in anxiety." 

According to sources, Naidu will also sign a few documents as soon as he takes office, including the termination of all legal actions the outgoing administration took on the contentious "Three Capitals" issue. The andhra pradesh High Court's decision against the Three Capitals was challenged by the Y.S. jagan Mohan reddy administration in a supreme court SLP. The choice was consistent with Naidu's unwavering determination to keep amaravati as the only capital of Andhra Pradesh. 

He would also sign a document about the Land Titling Act, another contentious policy of the Y.S. jagan Mohan reddy administration. The Act, which the TD worried would strip private landowners of their ownership rights, has become a major election issue. The government will subsequently move a bill in the new assembly scrapping the Act.

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