Tuesday, the BRS called for a comprehensive investigation into the issuance of alcohol licenses, citing the excise minister Jupally krishna Rao's "flip-flops on the issue of Som Distilleries" as justification. party leader Manne Krishank informed reporters that krishna Rao had rescinded the prior directives and retracted the decision to issue a license to Som Distilleries after the BRS had exposed 'corruption in providing licensing to the firm'. 

According to Krishank, the cancellation was insufficient, and a probe into the original issuance of the permit to a "fraudulent" organization "with a questionable record of safety" was necessary. He claimed that krishna Rao was caught “red-handed” in the episode, and alleged that Som Distilleries had funded the Congress.

Krishank denounced Jupally's handling of the Som Distilleries controversy, emphasising how the minister "retracted" his statements in response to inquiries concerning corruption. While he applauded the state's decision to revoke Som Distilleries' liquor sales licence, he demanded an investigation into the reasons behind the licences' initial issuance. "It is imperative to identify the individuals accountable for granting permissions to the fraudulent company, Som Distilleries," declared Krishank. He drew a comparison between the suits filed in regard to the delhi liquor policy and asked why no case had been brought against Som Distilleries.

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