After being turned down for a meeting with telangana chief minister A revanth Reddy, more than two hundred candidates for teaching jobs staged an unplanned "kneel" protest in front of his house on Tuesday.
Even MLC-elect Chintapandu Naveen, nicknamed Teenmar Mallanna, was kept out of the CM's home for a while by the teaching job hopefuls. Only when he pledged to get their complaint resolved did they allow him to go? In the last two months, they had unsuccessfully attempted to meet with the chief minister to discuss their concerns for the second time.

But what was the problem that led the young unemployed person to turn to this unusual form of protest? Although the matter is a little complex, all they were asking for was the telangana High Court's temporary injunction to be put into effect.

Let’s look at the issue now:
A recruitment notice for 8,708 positions, including degree Lecturers (DL), junior Lecturers (JL), Post Graduate teachers (PGT), Trained Graduate teachers (TGT), and Physical Directors (PD) in residential institutions, was released by the telangana Residential educational institutions Recruitment Board (TREI-RB) in april 2023.
Aside from using identical exam papers, the recruiting for the DL, JL, and PGT positions had the same educational requirements. This time, several individuals were chosen in the end for many positions based on their shared papers and educational background.

The problem lies in the fact that the authorities did not fill the positions in "descending order." In general, the JL, PGT, and TGT positions should be filled after the DL openings. In other words, if a candidate is not chosen for the DL job, he or she can look forward to the JL post, PGT, and finally TGT.

For some strange reason, the authorities had finished the PGT recruiting procedure before moving on to the DL, JL, PGT, and TGT recruitment.
The "relinquishment option" procedure is the second complication. If a candidate is chosen for DL, JL, and PGT in this scenario, he may use his option to renounce and pick the best DL post from DL, JL, and PGT. In that case, the JL and PGT positions that he gives up will go to the following deserving applicant.

This time, though, the board did not follow the relinquishment option and instead issued the PGT selection first, then the DL, JL, and TGT postings. Therefore, if they choose the PGT whose results were released first, individuals who were chosen for several postings would suffer consequences.
The backlog list is yet another problem. If an applicant starts a job and then quits, the opening is reported as a backlog list. Only once a new recruitment notice has been issued are these backlog positions filled. Nevertheless, the jobless now contend that adding posts to this backlog list is unnecessary and want new alerts.

For instance, applicant A is chosen for the DL, JL, and PGT positions. The backlog list would contain the postings from JL and PGT if he selected DL's post. The jobless individuals counter that rather than going through the entire hiring procedure again, the positions of JL and PGT may be filled by the next deserving applicant in such a case.
Candidates claim, however, that the recruiting board closed the process without offering them the chance to be added to a queue of open positions, citing GO 81 from 1997.

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