Chandrababu Nara Naidu has chosen his minister for the cabinet. Naidu will be one of the twenty-five ministers. Chandrababu gave one ticket to the bjp and three to Janasena. In 2014, the Saffron party was granted two seats. pawan kalyan receives one from Janasena, and his name appears top on the list. In Naidu's government, he may be the only Deputy Chief Minister. The other two went to nadendla manohar and Kandula Durgesh. satya Kumar Yadav, an mla from Dharmavaram, received the lone seat from the BJP.
The Ministers from 2014 to 2019—Nara Lokesh, Kinjarapu Atchhannaidu, kollu ravindra, Ponguru Narayana, and NMD Farooq—were given another opportunity. Anam Rama Narayana reddy, Senior Leader, is also admitted to the cabinet. Given Yanamala's absence from the list, he will most likely serve as Finance Minister. The three ladies on the list, Savitha, Anitha Vangalapudi, and Gummadi sandhya Rani, are all novices. Gottipati ravi and payyavula keshav get rewards for their steadfast support of the party during difficult times. After leaving the congress PARTY' target='_blank' title='ysr congress-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>ysr congress just before the polls, kolusu parthasarathy emerged victorious from penamaluru and was appointed to the government.

For the first time, Anagani satya Prasad, bc Janardhan reddy, and Dr. Dola bala Veernajaneya Swamy were included in the government. First-time mla TG bharath was appointed to the cabinet in the Vysya Quota. cabinet positions were also awarded to Mandipalli Ramprasad reddy from Rayachoti, Kondapalli srinivas from Vizianagaram, and Vasamsetti Subash from east Godavari. The cabinet has been carefully selected to guarantee that all castes are represented while also include a balance of experience and youth. Tomorrow, the Portfolios will be released, providing us with even more information.


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