With Powerstar pawan kalyan taking his oath as a minister in tdp supremo Nara Chandrababu Naidu's cabinet today, the Mega family's ambition to enter public politics, seize power, and play a significant role in helping the people of telugu states has finally concluded. pawan kalyan is invited to the platform to take an oath just after Naidu.

While pawan kalyan was saying, "Pawan kalyan ane nenu," megastar chiranjeevi was staring at him in amazement and was upset. chiru did not even blink as he stared at his little brother; we could see joyous tears swirling in his eyes. Simultaneously, tears began to well up in Pawan's wife Anna's eyes as she pulled out her iphone to capture her husband taking the oath.

The finest part is that, after extending a warm greeting to everyone on stage with folded hands, janasena President Pawan walked to his brother megastar chiru and touched his feet, requesting his massive blessings once again. Pawan then proceeded to Modi and met Chandrababu. Without a doubt, Powerstar exceeded the expectations of his ardent followers and made his brother extremely proud. The video has gone viral on social media.

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