Baahubali-style coronation for Chandrababu Naidu...!?

•Chandrababu took oath as Chief Minister.
• Happiness in the eyes of telugu brothers.
• The joy of the excited ap people.

The spiritual leader of the state of andhra pradesh, a tireless fighter, a leader who cares about public issues, and a hero with 40 years of political experience. He became a great sacrifice for the country and the state by organizing a great event at the hands of the main leaders of the country. When he was sworn in as the chief minister of andhra pradesh, all the people welcomed him with joy and gifts. It is hoped that such a great leader will bring great reforms to the state and provide governance to the people. Let's know some more things about Nara Chandrababu Naidu.
Nara chandrababu naidu has reached the level of turning the wheel not only in state politics but also in national politics like never before in the history of AP. Now Chandrababu has grown as a force in the country rather than as an individual. All the people of andhra pradesh are waiting with hope after Chandrababu took oath. Apart from completing the capital of the state, they want to do development and welfare. And the unemployed are waiting for 20 lakh jobs with the hope that Chandranna will provide them. Even if the center bends its neck, the time has come for the people of ap to bring special status to the state and make ap the leader of the country. And we have to see how Chandrababu will make the state run in development from these people.

On the one hand, if Chandrababu is taking oath, all the people of andhra pradesh state are sitting in front of the TVs and it can be said that they got emotional. Anna's regime is coming again with joy. Chandrababu's family members are exuding joy with great joy. On the other hand, Chandrababu's wife Bhuvaneshwari, daughter-in-law Brahmani, son Lokesh, and grandson Devansh Nara chanted the coronation of Chandrababu. Amidst the jubilation of 5 crore Andhras, "Chandrababu Naidu" was crowned as the chief minister in bahubali Range.

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