Pakistan celebrated the victory of the indian team..!?

 India beat the USA by 7 wickets in the 2024 t20 world cup series. The pakistan team and their fans are celebrating this victory more than the indian fans. There is one main reason for that. india, USA, pakistan, Canada, and ireland have been placed in Group A. pakistan is third with two points after winning only one of their three matches. If the team wants to advance to the Super 8 round, the wins and losses of other teams should be in favor of that team. pakistan has a chance only if india helps.
First, the net run rate of the American team should go below the net run rate of the pakistan team. And the indian team has to defeat the American team in their group match. If both of these things happen, there was a situation in which the pakistan team would be in a favorable position in the first stage. Accordingly, in the match between india and the USA, india won by 7 wickets and USA's net run rate fell below Pakistan's net run rate. The US team is currently in second place with four points from three matches and two wins. The Net run rate of that team is 0.127. pakistan has two points with a net run rate of 0.191. Currently, the USA and pakistan teams are going to play next with the ireland team. If the American team loses in those matches and the pakistan team wins, the pakistan team will get a chance to advance to the Super 8 round. Due to this, the pakistan team and its fans are celebrating the victory of the indian team. As of now, pakistan is more than halfway through the well.

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