Special status for AP..!? No Baahubali like Babu..!?

- Chandrababu gave power to the bjp in a way.
- Right time to achieve special status.
-This is the right time to put pressure on the Center.

TDP leader Chandrababu achieved what he wanted. After losing in 2019 and spending five years in the opposition, he took oath as the new cm of ap again and again. However, no matter how much trouble Babu faced, he came back as fast as a ball hitting a wall, and he continued to inspire the activists from time to time. Babu has good support from the center too, but in the 2024 assembly election, Chandrababu entered the ring in alliance with janasena bjp parties. It is known that the coalition achieved an unexpected victory in the recently concluded assembly elections in this order. After winning 164 seats together, the power once again came into the hands of Babu. And what is the special status of ap now comes to the fore.

 Actually, Babu should not have heard this word when he came to power. However, the bjp government does not have its own majority at the center. With this, Chandrababu gave power to the bjp in a way. Looking at this, there is no chance for Chandrababu to put many kinds of conditions in front of the Centre. Chandrababu does not need the BJP's help in AP. Because tdp has the absolute majority. But Modi needs the help at the center. If Chandrababu withdraws his support, the nda government at the center will collapse. Everyone thinks that this is the right time to achieve special status. bjp leaders should be convinced and bring special status to the state.
 Many experts are also of the opinion that if this special status comes, it will be a lifesaver for the state. But the current talk is that Babu is not talking about special status anywhere, which is causing pain to the Andhras. This is the right time to put pressure on the Center that tdp is not over yet. Some analysts are saying that there is a chance to achieve a special status now. If Babu achieves this special status, ap will have no other Baahubali than him. Experts say that Babu will remain forever in the hearts of the people of Andhra in the coming days. Let's see what Chandrababu will do.

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