The cost of onions has increased dramatically recently, making it challenging for eateries in hyderabad to provide onions. Retail onion costs are presently between Rs 40-50 per kg, compared to a month earlier when they varied between Rs 20-30 per kg. The india Herald discovered that onions were not served with any meal at several Hyderabadi eateries. One eatery asked patrons to assist by posting a printed notice on the wall informing them that there were "no onions."

"AVOID ONIONS." Kindly assist us, the message stated.
"We compensate by serving them turnip/carrot chutneys when the customers ask for onions," stated the restaurant's owner, who wished to remain anonymous. The recent increase in onion prices has put a burden on our operational budget.
"When it comes to things like this, people are very cooperative and they also understand the underlying factors for the course's unavailability," he continued.
The country's top onion-producing state, Maharashtra, is experiencing a production shortage as a result of drought-like circumstances, which is the reason for the price increase. Furthermore, this sudden increase over the last month has also been caused by the government's delayed procurement to keep a buffer supply.

Retail costs were around Rs 20 per kg and wholesale costs were Rs 1,581.97 per quintal a year ago. In the modern era, onions have seen a 15% increase in wholesale price and a 25% increase in retail price.
Another restaurant owner told the india Herald, "Basically, onion stays the most important course with any dish as it enhances the taste with its sweet, sour, and crispy flavor." "But because of the price increase, customers have to put up with it in these conditions."
Prices are always changing, and in the last few years, the cost of practically all veggies has gone up. We anticipate a decrease in it shortly," the eatery stated.

It's interesting to note that several establishments continued to serve onions despite charging an extra Rs 10 for each dish.
Since the next kharif crop isn't scheduled to arrive until september or October, market analysts predict that prices might go as high as Rs 50 to Rs 60 per kilogram. This year's restricted government agency procurement has prompted merchants and farmers to hoard their inventory in anticipation of future price increases.

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