Devara, starring NTR, will now be released earlier than october, as planned. On september 27, 2024, the creators of the film say it will open in theatres. "Devara Part 1," which is directed by koratala siva, stars janhvi kapoor and saif ali khan in pivotal parts. It's interesting to note that this new release date falls on the same day as SS Rajamouli's first big success film, NTR's "Student No. 1," which debuted on september 27, 2001.

In the business, there's a notion that performers are cursed to never score a hit following a big-budget film starring SS Rajamouli, starting with "Student No. 1." There is optimism that the curse may be lifted by publishing "Devara" on september 27, which also happens to be the day that "Student No. 1" was launched.

September 27, 2024, may mark the end of the curse that began on september 27, 2001. Furthermore, september 27 is a fantastic day because it falls on a few holidays, such as the dussehra festival vacations and gandhi Jayanti on october 2. This allows Devara enough time to do well at the box office, not only in the hindi belt but also in the telugu states. All of that, though, won't be feasible until Devara receives widespread support.

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