Will Balayya's speech heard in the Assembly..!?

* Fans want Balayya's passionate speech in the assembly.
* Will balayya please with his eloquence in the assembly in the coming days?
* Will balayya be given a minister post in the future?

It is known that star hero, hindupuram mla balakrishna has won as mla from hindupuram for the third time. balayya, who impressed all with the dialogues in the movies, attended assembly meetings but rarely spoke. balayya also has ten years of experience as a political leader. Balayya's own party won power in the state with sensational results in the 2024 elections. But many fans want to hear Balayya's speeches in the Assembly. balayya fans wish Reel Simham to be Real Simham. However, since balayya has spoken in the assembly very few times, there is a discussion on social media about whether balayya will impress with his eloquence in future assemblies.
Fans say that if balayya talks about the development programs and schemes implemented by TDP, balayya should speak powerfully and punch dialogues. balayya movie fans believe that if simha is in the title, then the movie will be a hit. Balayya's status as a political leader will increase even more if he gives a speech in the assembly that will make him feel overwhelmed.

Although there are differences of opinion regarding Balayya's failure to get a ministerial post despite winning three times as an mla, it is heard in political circles that there may be a chance for balayya to get a ministerial post in the future. The comments show that balayya thinks it is too difficult to get the desired post. balayya is 64 years old and despite getting older, this Nandamuri hero is surprising everyone with his energy levels. Comments are being heard from ap voters that it would be better if Chandrababu gave balayya a priority post.

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