Is nadendla manohar the real lead hero in the assembly..!?

* Closest to Pawan Kalyan.
* Experience as a speaker.
* Long political history.

Nadendla Manohar has won a landslide victory in the andhra pradesh assembly elections. nadendla manohar not only won as an mla in the ap assembly elections but also got a place in the cabinet. He will also take charge as andhra pradesh minister soon. nadendla manohar has been the closest friend of pawan kalyan since the birth of the janasena Party. When pawan kalyan faced difficulties, he took him from behind and led him forward. nadendla manohar did not go down despite the defeats. They grew up like him without letting the Jana Sena flag fly anywhere. His political experience is also long. This time he won as mla from tenali Constituency. nadendla manohar won on behalf of janasena with a majority of around 40 thousand.
Nadendla Manohar also served as Speaker of the assembly when kiran kumar Reddy was the chief minister of the united Andhra Pradesh. He also won the chairmanship of the Library Committee of the andhra pradesh Legislature during the tenure of YS, who won the mla three times. And now nadendla manohar, who was a key leader in the telugu Desam alliance, has become a factor in the alliance's success. Not only that, after a long time he got the minister post from tenali and went on record.

Nadendla Manohar, who has been away from the assembly for almost ten years, this time as an mla as well as a minister, is going to show his power in the assembly. The hardships faced by the people of ap over 10 years are going to be brought to the attention of the assembly. With his experience, he is also ready to give advice. nadendla manohar, who was previously in the position of Speaker, also has a chance to give direction to the new MLAs on how to excel in the Assembly. nadendla manohar is also preparing for the range in which to counter the ycp which is the opposition party.

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